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VIDEO - Dolan and Gooby: Best Friends357 viewsDolan confesses that he is dying, and Gooby must perform one last task for him.
VIDEO - Nephews Learn To Swim149 viewsUncle Dolan gives the boys some swimming tips.
VIDEO - The Uncle Dolan Show Sesun 2 Ep1 455 viewsDolan gets into hot water over the source of the "secret sauce" he puts on his McMorky burgers.
VIDEO - The Uncle Dolan Show Sesun 2 Ep2 178 viewsDolan plots his escape from jail.
VIDEO - Glory Hole460 views
VIDEO - Fun With Helium314 views
VIDEO - Kony359 viewsUncle Dolan gets inspired by world events.
VIDEO - Launchpad McQuack356 viewsHow Uncle Scrog got so rich.
VIDEO - McDolans412 viewsUncle Dolan takes his nephews to McDonalds play place only to be disrespected by Hupu from within a tunnel.
VIDEO - The Uncle Dolan Show Episode 3501 viewsGooby goes to McMorky's for a burger. Dolan and Bogs are working there.
VIDEO - The Uncle Dolan Show Episode 9516 viewsDolan, Morky and Gooby hide out in McMorky's to get away from Spoderman
VIDEO - The Missing Pants318 viewsDolan forgets his pants in the lake
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